There are still many people indoctrinated with the idea of beauty and will still judge the beauty of a person especially a girl by the colour of their skin. It has become part of our DNA to believe that fair is lovely and dark, well, ugly. I found an article written in earlier this year that describes ‘The Perfect Indian Women’:dress-up.png

  • Almond Shape Eyes
  • Sharp Nose
  • Hourglass Figure
  • Chiselled Chin
  • Fair Skin

Yes, we in 2017, and these are still the requirements that make an Indian girl pretty. These desired appearances for an Indian / Brown Girls, has put a lot of pressure on South Asian girls even till today. Although there is more awareness on this ridiculous expectations, there is still a lot pressure on how we look. These expectations are similar to the suppose appearance of the ‘Aryan’ race.

1984630837-fairnlovely The Aryans were fair, tall and had sharp features – much like the Europeans. Legends says that the Aryan race were said to be from the upper castes i.e. Brahmin (priestly class), Kshatriyas (rulers and kings) and Vaisyas (businessmen) leaving the Sudras (untouchables) to the Dravidian race. It is said that the Aryans were aliens but more importantly numerous people believe that these two races were made up by the British taking the word ‘Arya’ from Sanskrit which means pure and good and the word Dravidian from the word ‘drāviḍa’ which indicates the geographical location of South India.

The idea of these two different races has manage to brainwash us into thinking what is beautiful and what is not with the help of religion and the different cast. We as individual do not want to be lower caste and want everyone to view us as the upper class. Hence, people desire girls to look more like an Aryan because the girl will be regarded from a higher caste, be pure and good. Automatically leading to people who have Dravidian features are unpleasant looking as they are slaves.

These races never probably existed and even if they did they no longer exist. We are all now just a mixture of these races. So why are we still obsessed with these standards? Is it because we want something we can’t have? Yet, you scroll down in a matrimony website and the requirements for a girl is ‘slim and fair’.IMG_8342.JPG

Recently my 9-year-old niece considered herself to be ugly because she was darker than her sister regardless of the fact that no one in my family is bothered about skin tones. It is scary that children are still being brainwashed by media and invisible authorities on what makes you beautiful (I blame fairy tales).

We need to start promoting beauty as self-confidence rather than looks. Although we say it starts from home, we need the media, writers, actors, actresses, directors and every single one of us to stop defining fair as lovely and start promoting self-confidence as lovely and the best skin colour is the one you born with.

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