17 chitradurga1.jpgIn the 18th century a hard-core chick, Onake Obavva, live in Chitradurga, which in that time was going through an invasion by Hyder Ali.

After numerous tactics Ali used, Chitradurga was a difficult town to conquer, until he found a weakness of a small hole in the wall where one person can fit in at a time.17 chitradurga-fort.jpg

Hyder Ali’s troops were aware that the slothful guard that guarded the post, takes lunch off to go to his house and eat. On day when this lazy guard left his post to go home to stuff his face, he asked his wife to fetch him some water. As she went to the stream to fetch the water she noticed that Ali’s soldiers were trying to enter through this small hole (Kindi) in the wall.17 obavva

Since this hole was small and only one person could fit in it at a time, this baddass chick grabbed a heavy wooden pestle smashed each soldier on the head as they entered through the hole one by one. Later that day she died with numerous rumours on her cause of death.

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What can we learn from Onake Obavva?

  • A woman can do a man’s job better than a man (even as laborious it is)
  • She stood up for a situation she had no responsibility for.
  • With no experience in a situation, you can still execute a task with limited resources.

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