The Guardian described her as the “Queen of Curves”. Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad into an influential family, she passed away in 2016 due to heart failure. Her father was an industrialist and a politician and her mother was an artist. She studied Mathematics at the American University in Beirut. She then moved to London to study her passion of architecture at the Architectural Association.

She had a cheerful childhood. She enjoyed mathematics, drawing, music and reading. Her parents encouraged to discover new things in a scientific and creative way and raised her to be an independent woman.

With this uplifting childhood, Zaha became a strong and confident girl. At an early age this diva was interested in architecture – as a kid, she would design the guest room and her own room.

Although she had a happy childhood, becoming a world renowned architect was definitely NOT handed to her in a silver platter. She networked with the right people through her studies and also as a teacher. She became recognized in a ‘man’s world’ for her bold designs. She went on and became the first female to receive the Pritzker architecture award in 2004.

Below are some of her famous work:


What can we learn from Zaha Hadid?

  • Parents are not always against your decisions and goals. – Their support and guidance brings you closer to your dreams.
  • Being good is good but it will not always be recognised. Sometimes you need to be boldly different in your work to stand out.
  • To achieve your dreams – you need to network and make yourself known.
  • Maths is NOT boring! 🙂
  • A woman can be the best in a ‘man’s’ world.

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