Kangana Ranaut, a bold and outspoken Bollywood actress. Recently, I have been obsessed with her. The more I read about her, the more I appreciate and admire her and her career.

A little glimpse in her life thus far:

Kangana was raised in a conservative family from Himachal Pradesh. She describes her childhood as not being ‘pampered’. From a young age she was a bold and out spoken girl that challenged everything and it did not matter whose feelings and reputations it was going to affect. In an interview she describes an event in her childhood in which she embarrasses her family. She contradicts her grandfather when he stated that his household women eat after the men and Kangana disrupts conversation and says that they eat before the men.

Her career choices did not make her parents happy, especially her father. When she refused to further her studies in chemistry and pursue a career in the creative art, her father slapped her and chase her out of the house with no money.

She overcame numerous obstacles and challenges after leaving her maternal home. Today she is one of the most talented actress in Bollywood. She worked hard and was persistent on her dreams. She continues bravely sticking up for herself and fighting for her rights.10-kangana.jpg

Apart from her outspoken traits, she has no social media accounts. This means she loses a tremendous amount of money in sponsorships. She also turned down huge deals such as ‘Fair and Lovely’ – simply because you don’t need to be fair to be lovely. This leads to other cosmetic deals not even bothering to approach her. In terms of money – imagine how much she loses? But how much does she gain in sticking to her values.

In recent events she has spoken about nepotism in Bollywood, which stirred a lot of heat in the industry. She spoke out on her thoughts and views of the industry and was mocked for it. She responded with an open letter. The letter portrays a mature and confident woman. Check her letter out: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/kangana-ranaut-open-letter-if-saif-ali-khan-opinion-on-genetic-inheritance-is-right-i-would-be-a-farmer-back-home-4762137/
kangana 2

So what can we learn from Kangana?

  • Great rebellion comes with great responsibility.
  • Not everyone will agree with your thoughts and views – not even your parents.
  • Nobody is responsible for your goals and happiness – ONLY you are!

(I would also like to mention that in my last post, I wrote on Jhansi ki Rani. Kangana will be playing this role in the movie “Manikarnika — The Queen Of Jhansi”. One bold women portrayed by another bold women)

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