In the 1857 rebellion against the British in India, a young women known as Lakshmibai aka Jhansi Ki Rani, stood up for the wrong and fought for her land and also fought for herself.

She had a challenging upbringing as her mother passed away when she was just a kid. Her father, King of Jhansi, was a busy man, but still managed to grow Lakshmibai. Although her father had his hands full, he taught her how to ride elephants, sword fighting and many warrior skills. (I would just like to point out that at this time of history, women in India were not allowed or seen unfit to learn the skills of a warrior).

As per customs, Lakshmibai got married at a young age. She gave birth to a boy that passed away when he was merely 4 months old. Few months later her husband passed away. With the unfortunate events she became the Queen of Jhansi and adopted a son to become an heir.

When the British heard that the heir (King of Jhansi) did not have any royal blood, they saw the throne as a lapse. The British took over Jhansi by settling  Lakshmibai with her kid. Being the hardcore, badass she is, she did not accept the offer. She tried to resolve the situation in a formal and legal way. But the British were probably most definitely corrupt and just made fun of her. This made her angry and forced her to rebel against the British. Unfortunately, at the time the British were strong and had (probably unlimited) resources leading into a huge massacre in which Jhansi ki Rani died. Her son survived but was captured by the British.

She definitely died as a martyr.07 rani

So, what have we learned from Jhansi ki Rani?

  • Being born in royalty (or a good family) does not mean you exempted from tragedies
  • Skill you learn throughout your life, will be handy someday.
  • Fighting for the truth and what’s right, does not guarantee a win but if you go on fighting for it you will win within yourself and leave a mark in the world

So let’s keep going, fight for the truth (what’s right) and accept each challenge in life.

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