Girls from small towns doing extraordinary things.

Fighting the odds, these girls achieved their dreams through hard work and being focused.

So let begin!

  1. Kalpana Chawala

A young wide eyed girl that fought against all the odds and literally became the first Indian women to touch the stars.

Born in the 60’s, when girls going to school was a taboo in India, Kalpana and her sister were encouraged by their mother, a supportive and liberal woman, to fight the odds and attend school.

Kalpana was a creative and an imaginative child (just as her name suggests). Although she would sit under the stars and would be captivated by them, her biggest fascination were aeroplanes. The town she grew up in, Karnal, had an Aviation club where her father manged to get her a ride in a plane. This critical moment in her life built her foundation for the rest of her life.

Fighting with her father in pursuing a career in engineering, she studied aeronautical engineering being the only girl in the class. With her evolvement with PEC’s Aero and Astro Society she easily got accepted at the University of Texas in USA to do her Masters. This opened her door into NASA and became the first Indian women in space. Unfortunately, in 2003 she was one of seven astronauts that lost their life in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. 03 kalpana

In her last email to the students where she studied engineering in the India, Kalpana wrote: “The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get onto it, and the perseverance to follow it.”

Remember you belong to so much more than just your family, friends and society – you belong to the whole universe.


  1. Bumika Sharma

05 bhumikaIn the recent Body Building Championships in Venice, Bumika Sharma was crowned Miss World. Yes, in bodybuilding – a male dominated sport! The first Indian girl to win the title. Another chick fights the odds?Bodybuilding was not an ultimate dream for her. She was encouraged by her parents to become a shooter until a bodybuilding coach met her and changed her life. Being exposed and achieving medals for her physique she became hooked onto it and it became her passion. As usual her parents were not that into it but later accepted her choice. Her goals are now set for the Miss Universe Championships in December 2017.


So what have we learnt from these extraordinary gals?

  • You need to give a deaf ear to ‘what people will say’
  • Parents will not always support you but eventually understand you and be your biggest fans.
  • A mother’s support will make you change the world.
  • Standing up and believing in yourself will make others believe in you.
  • Hard work will pay-off – nothing comes in a silver platter.

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