As a brown Indian girl, I have been brought up in a very stereotypical way. Which mainly depends on the opinion of society and the quality of your parent’s values. This is largely because you need to get married and people (society) needs to see you as an asset.

Girls were tradionally raised to make their husbands better people and not to make themselves a better person. My father calls it “sell yourself” I want to change that and call it “invest in yourself”.

So what is a stereotypical upbringing of an Indian girl?

  1. When you born – ‘Oh a girl’ sarcastically said by nearly all family members.
  2. Growing up
    1. Be an ‘A’ student.
    2. Learn how to cook.
    3. Respect every man – even if they wrong.
    4. And basically no play only work.
  3. Getting a formal university degree or something equivalent, because we need to show society and future prospect husbands she will be an investment to the in-laws.
  4. Getting a good (preferably 9-5) job
  5. Getting married. Well, I will stop here because I am at the stage and I am revising my life.

Therefore, we are raised for what the uncles and aunties think, so you can get a ‘good’ boy. And let me tell you boys are also brought up with the idea that the girl will check these boxes.

But now we in the 21st century and things have changed. Yet some of us are still stuck in the rut to please our parents and society even if we not happy. So let’s change that and start investing in ourselves! This blog is dedicated to brown Indian girls doing the things they love and how they broke from this blocked thinking and most importantly this blog is dedicated to loving and being proud of ourselves.

I am not encouraging you to go full on rad, forget who you are and be ungrateful for the good things. But I am encouraging you to be who YOU are, do what YOU love and understand the things we cannot change.

So if you a good girl or a rebel – lets work with it and start being more brave and taking risks.

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